Biden Rally Crashes After Trying To Load Too Many NPCs

MIAMI, FL—A key campaign stop for Biden in Florida is being criticized as "completely buggy," and "almost broken" after a coding error caused too many non-playable characters to spawn in the crowd.

After the NPC crowd passed the recommended threshold of 24 socially distant audience members, Biden and his campaign aides began to freeze, stutter, and glitch out. Witnesses reported they saw visuals pop in and out. Eventually, the entire campaign event crashed. 

"Fatal error!" Biden exclaimed from the podium. "Not enough memory for the required number of assets! Please download patch 1.2.8 and restart. You ain't black! Quartermaster of the second floor of the ladies' department store!"

Campaign Aides rushed Biden off the stage and quickly called a lid for "optimization and updates."

Trump ridiculed his opponent upon hearing the news. "We'd never have that problem at my rallies! We have all the memory, and the most fantastic RAM, and all the best hard drive space. My rallies can hold a million billion NPCs, no problem."

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