Benny Hinn Spends Another Long Day At Children's Hospital Healing Kids
Celebs · Jun 7, 2016 ·

ORANGE, CA - Most pastors are content to be simple, faithful preachers of God's Word, and so was Benny Hinn - until he realized, years ago, that God had given him supernatural powers to instantaneously heal the sick and dying. Since the day of that revelation he's been putting his powers to use by spending his days healing those who need it most - usually with minimal sleep and food himself.

"There is too much work to be done," he says.

On this particular Thursday he was spotted healing terminally ill kids, as he is known to do, at the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

It was a typical day's work at the hospital for Hinn, which includes healing hundreds of patients with a mere touch or a softly spoken word, song, or prayer. He refuses all gifts, donations, and "love offerings," of course, and gently turns down all photo op attempts and autograph requests. Passing by him, you wouldn't even know he was any different from the rest of the hospital staff, as he typically dons scrubs, booties, and a surgical cap in order to blend in and avoid attracting any unwanted attention.

Hinn goes about his work quietly and methodically, and by the end of the day, every single child in the hospital has been cured of their various maladies, parents, doctors, and nurses have been reduced to tears, and Benny Hinn is slipping off quietly to his small home in Dana Point to plan the next day's work.

"It's absolutely unbelievable, what Benny has done for our patients - well, our former patients," teary-eyed surgeon Dr. Todd Gallimore laughed to reporters after the day full of miracles. "Benny Hinn is true man of God. A true man of God."

The normally press-shy Hinn offered a quick statement to reporters after being told of Dr. Gallimore's kind words. "I'm just doing what anyone else, in my shoes, with my powers, would do. It would be quite wretched of me to do otherwise, would it not?"

"Please tell Todd I said thanks," he smiled.

And then he was gone.


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