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The Bee Explains: Who Is Jordan Peterson?

Clinical psychologist and University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson has rocketed into the public consciousness in recent months. But who exactly this intense, stoic, archetypal father figure? As usual, we’ve compiled everything you need to know, so you can continue to be the most informed audience on the internet.

How did Jordan Peterson become so popular?

Through a radical ideology of intellectual honesty, opposition to tyranny, and belief in objective truth.

Why has he resonated so deeply with Christians?

He thinks deeply and speaks clearly about social issues Christians should be spending more time thinking deeply and speaking clearly about.

So you’re saying he wants all women and trans people to die.


Why are his fans mostly male?

This is actually untrue if you take into account the millions of women who’ve discovered in the last month that he is the reason their husbands and sons are now insisting on keeping their rooms clean.

Why have his opponents labeled him dangerous?

People have been known to lose months of their life at a time after inadvertently stumbling down a Jordan Peterson YouTube rabbit hole.

Is he a Christian?

It doesn’t appear so. But we believe he’ll sort himself out soon enough.

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