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Astronomers Sight Last Verse Of 'Good Good Father' At Edge Of Known Universe

BALTIMORE, MD—Astronomers working at the Space Telescope Science Institute noticed an unusual find in a recent image downloaded from the Hubble Space Telescope: the last verse of popular worship song “Good Good Father,” located just inside the edge of the observable universe.

The find confirms that the end of the song does in fact exist, although it is certainly not within reach in our lifetimes, researchers stated.

“According to our calculations, a worship leader attempting to get to the end of the song will take approximately 225,000,000,000,000 years to get there, using current space travel technology,” Dr. Ron Barth told reporters. “That’s actually a little shorter than we had estimated using computer models.”

“It’s way, way out there, but at least now we know it exists,” he added.

Intriguingly, gravitational readings from the verse indicate that the final verse of “Oceans” may be somewhere in the same general vicinity.

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