Art Exhibit Features Elizabeth Warren Reading DNA Test Results

VENICE—A thought-provoking new art exhibit in Venice, Italy yesterday showed Elizabeth Warren sitting at a desk reading her DNA test results for over an hour.

Warren sat at the desk and read through the thousands of pages providing conclusive proof that she's not Native American in an exhibit that was said to be a "powerful statement speaking truth to science."

"Dear Ms. Warren, you are still not Native American. Please stop contacting us," read one letter she received from Ancestry.com, which she had slammed with a one-star review. "I sent them a few more letters after this, before they got a restraining order," she told the crowd gathered. "We're good pals, me and those guys."

Another letter read, "For the last time, Ms. Warren, we cannot provide you with any proof that you are Native American as we are the Cleveland Indians, a baseball franchise. And no, we do not have any headdresses you can borrow for your campaign. Again, the baseball thing."

She read through pages and pages of hard evidence that she's at most 1/1024th Native American, or about as Native American as any random guy you meet outside 7-Eleven or at a baseball game. After the exhibit had concluded, Warren retired to her wigwam.

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