Armani Unveils Line Of Luxury Bow Ties: 'The Mohler Collection'
Celebs · Feb 6, 2019 ·

NEW YORK, NY - Armani's US division has launched a line of bow ties for the high-end, luxury Christian market. The collection has been dubbed "The Mohler Collection," as its ad campaign is fronted by none other than famed bow tie enthusiast and seminary president Al Mohler.

Armani designers worked closely with Al Mohler to create the bow ties, which are designed to provide maximum comfort while you rattle off thousands of words a minute discussing a biblical worldview as it pertains to the day's events.

Mohler unveiled the bow ties in a sponsored segment of his daily podcast The Briefing. "For those with a refined sense of fashion and the desire to wear clothing that honors God and expresses a biblical worldview, we're introducing a new line of bow ties with the fine folks at Armani. Christians understand that morality extends to all spheres of life, whether that's politics, culture, worldviews, or fashion. Few bow ties out there on the market today really express a grounded, biblical morality as well as The Mohler Collection: the only line of bow ties that combine world-class comfort with a Judeo-Christian worldview."

"When you absolutely need to dress in comfort while retaining a robust Christian ethic, make sure it's a Mohler," he concluded.

The ties begin at $199.95 and come in attractive polka dot patterns, flannel print, and a checkerboard of tiny Al Mohler faces.


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