AOC Takes Vow Of Silence To End Racism, Immediately Gains Bipartisan Support
Politics · Jun 18, 2020 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a bold vow today: to remain silent until racism is ended forever.

Democrats and Republicans both supported the plan enthusiastically.

The plan kind of backfired though, as most people said we now need to slow down our national conversation about race and be really careful about ending racism too soon.

"I support what Ocasio-Cortez is doing," said Nancy Pelosi, "but I also think we need to slow down and maybe talk about letting some racism stick around for a while, so we have it as an example of what not to do. We'll get rid of most of the KKK, but we'll keep one or two around. Just until we're sure we understand it well enough to eliminate it."

"We don't agree on much, but this is a brave move by my colleague, and she has my full support," said Senator Ted Cruz. "Racism is bad, and it must be ended. But not too soon. Let's be deliberate here."

Trump also vowed to remain silent until racism is solved, but he has excluded Twitter from this vow of silence.


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