Antifa Burns Down Chapel Featured In Jeep Commercial After Learning It's In The Center
Worldviews · Feb 9, 2021 ·

LEBANON, KS - The U.S. Center Chapel that rests in the exact center of the 48 states was prominently featured in a Jeep Super Bowl ad calling for everyone to move to the middle. The ad starred Bruce Springsteen, who took a brief break from calling half the country Nazis to film the unity-themed commercial.

When Antifa activists watched the commercial, though, they were angered to learn it was in the center of the country rather than the far left. They immediately stormed the "Nazi" chapel for being in the center, shouting, "If you're not on the far left, you're Hitler!"

"If you're to the right of Stalin, you're a Nazi," said Antifa founder Bob Antifa. "And this chapel is just way too centrist. It is not enough to not be a far-right skinhead -- we must torch and destroy anyone who is not on the left. And that includes this little chapel, which is clearly racist."

"Being in the center is basically being a Nazi sympathizer and fascist enabler."

CNN quickly reported that the chapel was "asking for it" for having a cross and a picture of America on the wall.

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