Anti-Vax Mom Not Afraid To Spread Her Beliefs, Also Measles, Polio
Health · Feb 11, 2019 ·

SEATTLE, WA - Local mother and anti-vaccination activist Karen Moulton confirmed Monday she is not afraid to spread her beliefs and also once nearly eradicated diseases like measles and polio among her local population.

Moulton, a mother of four, calls herself a "fierce mama bear" and "independet [sic] thinker" on her internet profiles. She said she's going to stand up to the medical-industrial complex by spreading her ideas and also lots of infectious viruses.

"I'm not going to let Big Pharma intimidate me to stop spreading my beliefs and also dangerous diseases," she said defiantly. "If they think they can silence me and stop infectious diseases in their tracks, well then they've got another thing coming."

"My kids won't be indoctrinated with Big Pharma lies or injected with life-saving vaccines like all the sheeple out there," she added.

At publishing time, Moulton had encouraged her kids to suffer through their measles outbreak in order to stick it to the deep state government medical industry.

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