Americans Fondly Remember A Time When We Finished One Election Before Starting Another
Politics · Nov 16, 2022 ·

U.S. — Following Donald Trump's Tuesday announcement of his 2024 campaign, many Americans are remembering a time when we finished one election before starting another. The Georgia Senate race is in a runoff, and fourteen House races have yet to be called.

"We haven't even finished the midterms yet," said Amy Stallings, a teacher and mother of three. "I tell my kids to finish their dinner before they start their dessert, and here we're starting a whole new election? Can we please just have a break for a couple of days at least?"

"I don't remember elections ever taking this long," said Johann Stevenson, a Florida gator trapper. "There was that time in 2000, but that was pretty much unprecedented. Now it's every year."

Experts praised the new trend of never-ending elections as a positive since Americans have been shown to get restless again within 2 days of an election ending.

"This is completely normal," said Harvard History Chair Edith Warburton. "It always takes a while to find the election results that we want. And we have to remember, we are in a COVID emergency."

As votes are still being counted, Americans are looking forward to the 2024 election as well as the 2026 election, which will begin in 2023.

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