Amazon Confirms Orcs In 'Rings Of Power' Will Be Wearing MAGA Hats
Entertainment · Jun 23, 2022 ·

U.S. - Amazon has given fans a first look at the Orc character design in the studio's upcoming Rings of Power show, and it looks like MAGA hats are back on the menu.

That's right: according to the showrunners, the evil, twisted baddies in Amazon's take on the Lord of the Rings universe will be wearing MAGA hats "to show how evil they really are."

"We couldn't think of a better way to show how degraded and awful the Orcs are," said one producer. "This is what Tolkien would have wanted: for us to inject modern-day politics into his universe, rather than to allow the themes to remain timeless and untainted by cringey and on-the-nose representations of political figures."

"Because if we can't compare Sauron to Trump, how are we supposed to get our point across?"

To help drive home the point, just in case audiences don't get it, the good guys in the series will be wearing Pride pins and "Resist" T-shirts, and Galadriel will have purple hair and spend most of her screen time decrying white supremacy.

Sauron will also have orange hair and a "bad suntan" while calling everything "tremendous", with his running catchphrase being "Make Middle Earth Great Again", according to sources.

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