After Brief Interview With Ye, Tucker Carlson Releases First Rap Album
Entertainment · Oct 11, 2022 ·

WASHINGTON, DC — Drawing great inspiration from his brief interview with rap artist and fashion designer Ye West, popular conservative political talk show host Tucker Carlson is preparing to release his first rap album.

People who work closely with Carlson first started to notice changes in his personality and dress the morning after he recorded his interview with Ye. "I'm used to seeing him walk into the morning meeting in his normal sport coat and khaki pants," said production assistant Hallie Burton. "But the morning after his interview with Ye, Tucker showed up in a full-body, black rubber jumpsuit and mirrored wrap-around sunglasses. We could tell big things were happening."

Though it was plain to see the influence his brief interaction with West had on his outward appearance, it wasn't until Carlson announced his plan to record a rap album that his inner circle truly began to realize the impact the interview had on him. Carlson's debut album will be released under his new rap name "Tucky C" and will be entitled Blood On My Bow Tie. It's expected to be a hit with conservatives, Fox News viewers, MAGA voters, and your grandmother.

"These people be actin' like I'm not fo'rill, know what I'm sayin'?" Carlson said in a brief statement to the media following the album's announcement. "After my interview with Ye, I came away feelin' it, yo. These tracks bussin'. No cap!"

At publishing time, Carlson's team was attempting to simultaneously prep for the album's release and set up a method to translate Tucker's new way of speaking so his loyal viewers would be able to understand his monologue.

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