'Adulterophobic' Pastor Hatefully Preaches Against Adultery
Christian Living · Aug 28, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

MADISONVILLE, KY - An adulterophobic pastor in Kentucky "hatefully" preached against the practice of adultery in his sermon Sunday, drawing heavy criticism from progressive Christians.

Pastor Mike Hanson stood at his pulpit and ranted about the harmful effects of adultery and its supposedly "sinful" nature: "Adultery is always a sin, so we should resist the temptation to commit adultery with the Lord's help," said the religious bigot. "If you've committed adultery, God still loves you. But He wants you to repent of your sin, surrender your adulterous identity to Christ, and follow Him."

While many in Hanson's bigoted congregation approved of his comments, critics pointed out that the Scriptures he used to reach his conclusions about adultery are thousands of years old and insufficient to speak to modern concepts of adultery.

"Those passages merely spoke to abusive forms of adultery. What about people who identify as adulterers?" wrote one religion columnist in The Huffington Post. "We need to take into account the fact that the writers of Scripture didn't have any concept of committed, faithful adulterers who commit their acts of infidelity in good conscience." The writer went on to call Christians who hold to conservative views on marriage and adultery as "backward traditionalists."

At publishing time, the pastor had also made comments rendering him a bigoted "fornicatophobe," a "polygamaphobe," and a "pornophobe."

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