Adorable: This Chevy Avalanche Owner Keeps Referring To It As A 'Truck'
Local · Mar 14, 2022 ·

STURGIS, SD - In an absolutely adorable moment during a conversation between men about a variety of manly topics, one man, Ernest Clompdweller kept referring to his Chevy Avalanche as a "truck." 

"Yeah, my truck is pretty good at doing truck things," said Clompdweller while the other men exchanged smiles at how endearing it was to watch their friend convince himself that he was a truck owner. "Why, just the other day I was driving my truck to pick up my wife's Starbuck's order when I passed by The Home Depot and figured my truck would be full of all sorts of lumber if I hadn't just polished the truck bed. True story."

As the other men swapped stories of using their Ford Super Duty F-350 and Ram 3500 trucks to haul logs down rugged mountain terrain or tow bulldozers out of the mud, Clompdweller chimed in about how his "truck" had a heated steering wheel, which would be handy someday when he visited some mountains, as well as a towing package for when he would eventually need to tow something.

At publishing time, another friend had joined the men to tell them he was now a truck owner with his purchase of a Honda Ridgeline.

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