9 All-Time Greatest Moments In Christmas Movies
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There's nothing like gathering the family during the holidays to watch a good old-fashioned Christmas movie! There are so many timeless classics out there, full of iconic moments we love to relive again and again!

Our researchers watched all the Christmas films ever made and found the 9 absolute greatest Christmas movie moments:

  1. That time when John McClane throws a terrorist out the window onto a police car and says "Welcome to the party, pal!": Aw yeah, CLASSIC.
  2. That part where John McClane puts a Santa hat on that dead German terrorist and sends him down the elevator: I HAVE A MACHINE GUN HO HO HO HO!
  3. When John McClane has to cross all that broken glass without his shoes on, and there is nothing he can do about it, so he just walks on the broken glass with his bare feet: That was awesome.
  4. When Snape falls off Nakatomi Plaza: One of our favorite Christmas movie moments.
  5. The credits that come up and say DIE HARD: You can tell this is gonna be good!
  6. The time toward the end when the FBI comes in and screws everything up: LOL they suck so bad!
  7. John McClane jumping off the building while it explodes behind him and he's tied to a friggin' fire hose: SO SICK.
  8. That time John saves his wife from plummeting to her death by unhooking the watch given to her by her coke-addled now-deceased co-worker: A powerful moment in which she is symbolically set free from her empty corporate ambitions to return to being a dedicated wife and mother, where her true joy is found. SWEET!
  9. Will Ferrell fighting Peter Dinklage in Elf was pretty great: But not as cool as John McClane shooting a bad guy with a gun that was TAPED TO HIS BACK WITH WRAPPING TAPE!

There you have it! The 9 greatest moments in Christmas movie history! Which one is your favorite?

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