7 Ways To Spot An FBI Agent Twitter Profile
The Bee Explains · Jan 16, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

FBI agents love to use social media to stalk, harass, and spy on private citizens. Are they spying on you? Don't be a victim!

Here are 7 ways to spot an FBI Agent Twitter profile:

  1. The profile pic is of a suspiciously hot girl and she just DM'd you "Hullo fellow Patriot! Don't you love insurrecting things?": Run like Joseph ran from Potiphar's wife, it's a Fed!
  2. Their post history is full of incitements to violence but none of them are censored: Classic MAGA greetings like "I like freedom!"
  3. They follow J. Edgar Hoover for some reason: And their only followers are former Twitter employees Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, and A. G. Merrick Garland.
  4. Profile pic clearly shows an FBI agent: If they also list their ID Badge number, look out – that's a fed!
  5. They are wearing sunglasses in every picture: And they look suspiciously like the agents who raided your house after you spoke up at a PTA meeting.
  6. Link in their bio leads to tips.fbi.gov: And their pinned tweet says "looking for ideas, or rather tips, on governors to kidnap."
  7. They keep warning of an inbound Russian disinformation dump whenever a new episode of The Twitter Files is announced: Putin's at it again!

We hope these tips help. Be vigilant, fellow patriot!

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