7 Signs You're Called To Worship Ministry
Church · Jul 25, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

It's hard to know what God's will is for your life. After all, it's not like God left any kind of written instruction manual that uses specific statements like "This is God's will for you." Nope, we're on our own, feeling around in the dark.

So, how do you know if you're called to serve on the worship band? Here are the top 7 signs.

1.) You slay some killer air guitar whenever Slash's solo in "November Rain" comes on.Whenever Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" starts playing on your favorite Spotify or Pandora station, you stop what you're doing, lower your shades, and wail along with Slash on your pretend guitar. This is a sure sign that the Lord wants to use you in a powerful way onstage.

2.) You're ridiculously attractive. God only uses 9s and 10s on the worship band, let's be honest here. If you've been gifted with the looks of an American Apparel T-shirt model, you can consider that the Lord's prompting to go out for the worship band the next time they have auditions.

3.) You can play at least half of a chord on the guitar. If you can somewhat reliably play a cheater F chord half the time, you're destined to lead God's people in worship. Conversely, if you have years of advanced musical training, that's God telling you to have a seat and let others lead. God doesn't call the qualified, after all.

4.) You rock a beanie and scarf even if it's 120 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Do you know why Saul asked David to play his harp for the king in the Bible? It's because David was sporting a locally sourced, hand-made beanie and scarf he bought for $400 at the local crafts fair. Musical talent should always take a back seat to fashion savvy.

5.) You can 100% the Expert version of "Through the Fire and the Flames" on Guitar Hero 3. When your little brother was bugging you to use the Xbox, you sent him flying across the room with a solid punch to the face. Because you didn't have time to mess around: you were trying to 100% "Through the Fire and the Flames." If this describes your adolescence, it's clear that the Lord is softly and tenderly calling you to take center stage on the worship ministry.

6.) You woke up one morning with a Hebrew neck tat. If you got out of bed one day and found a tattoo that says "SHALOM" was miraculously plastered across your entire neck, what are you waiting for? Call your pastor and let him know you'll be leading worship this Sunday.

7.) You understand the glorious truth that worship ministry is all about you.Ultimately, a strong commitment to worship ministry begins with right thinking about worship ministry. And the correct theology of worship is that everything is always and ever about you. Get your thinking right and God might make you into the next worship rock star!

If you're reading these seven sure signs of a calling to worship ministry and you're nodding, humming, and muttering, "Yes, Lord, yes. Yes, Father God," then, guess what? You could be the next world-renowned superstar worship leader. Get out there and make a name for yourself!

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