10 Promising Republican Candidates For 2024
Politics · May 24, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

Biden, who is the most popular candidate to ever be elected president, will be a tough opponent to beat in 2024. To face Biden, the Republican Party will need to bring out their best and brightest to run for office! Here are 10 candidates we desperately hope will run. 

Barron Trump: We don't know much about young Barron except that he's tall and his last name is Trump. That fulfills 2 of the 3 most important requirements to be president. 

Donald Trump in disguise: Slap a mustache on that guy and see if we can sneak him back in there! 

Ronald Reagan's ghost: The great Ronald Reagan. Can we bring him back? Someone get on that. 

Mike Lindell: Imagine the sleep you'd get on a MyPillow knowing that there's enough Hydroxychloroquine -- and freedom -- for everyone. 

Alex Jones: The man was right. About everything. Maybe Donald Trump can be VP to help mellow Alex out a little.

3 Ben Shapiros stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat: Like we said-- in order to be president, you have to be tall. That will require at least 3 Ben Shapiros. You also get 3 times the lib ownage. Great option. 

An AR-15 wearing a MAGA hat: America's enemies will never mess with us again.

"Q": According to the latest messages from Q, he is already the shadow president and will be hauling the Dems off to jail any day now. 

Metallica: We can think of nothing more awesome than having the entire heavy metal band co-presidenting the country together-- with the power of ROCK. 

The entire cast of Duck Dynasty: Faith, family, firearms, and the 3rd most important requirement to be president: beards.

Plenty of great choices to work with here. Victory is all but guaranteed! Get on it, RNC! 


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