10 Ways To Help The Struggling People Of Ukraine With Minimal Effort
Sponsored · Jul 18, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Ukraine is at war, and they are counting on you to carry out various symbolic gestures that will show everyone you care while requiring almost no effort on your part!

Here are some great ways to help the struggling people of Ukraine:

  1. Add a Ukrainian flag to your profile pic: The most important thing you can do.
  2. Take a moment to learn how to locate Ukraine on a map: It's next to Russia.
  3. Let them use your Netflix password: It is our responsibility to share streaming entertainment with the less fortunate.
  4. Find the smartest guy you know and get him a job at a Ukrainian gas company: Come on man! Not a joke!
  5. Watch Rocky IV and cheer against the Russians even harder: Rocky has a robot servant at home. This is important.
  6. Change your pronouns to "Zelensky/Zelenskyy": That should cover all the bases.
  7. Buy an electric car: We're pretty sure that helps somehow.
  8. Put a "We support Ukraine" sign in your yard: Make sure they face any Russian neighbors you may have.
  9. Text DONATE $1,000 to BIDEN2024: Biden can solve literally any problem.
  10. Pay extra taxes: It all goes to Ukraine anyway.

NOT SATIRE: Want to do something that will make a real difference? Bring the Jesus Storybook Bible to children in Ukraine!

RevelationMedia has partnered with Ukrainian pastors and churches who are bringing critical spiritual and physical aid to de-occupied areas of Ukraine. And now, we have the opportunity to bring The Jesus Storybook Bible to Ukrainian children in their own language.

The Jesus Storybook Bible has been introducing children all over the world to God's wonderful story for over a decade. Every story in Scripture whispers the name of Jesus, and with your help, we can get the story of Jesus into the hands of the children of Ukraine.

Make a donation to support the printing and distribution of The Jesus Storybook Bible today and bring hope to those who are suffering the most.

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