10 Great Ways For Teens To Rebel Against Their Progressive Parents
Family · Aug 3, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

There comes a time in every child's life when they begin to assert their autonomy and freedom from the shackles of their upbringing: classic teenage rebellion! But how does one rebel against a set of radical progressive parents for whom morality is relative and degeneracy is celebrated? Not easy!

Here are 10 ways you teens can rebel against your progressive parents:

  1. Be straight: Your progressive parents will be FURIOUS. Even more so if you're already white.
  2. Clean your room: A sure sign you've been radicalized by the Neo-Nazi Jordan Peterson.
  3. Hide your puberty blockers under your tongue and then spit them out when your parents aren't watching: They'll wonder whatever happened to the sweet trans kid they raised.
  4. Sneak out late at night to volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center: Make sure you put pillows under your sheets so they'll think you're still in bed while you're out saving babies.
  5. Start every sentence with "Tucker Carlson says...": A sure way to make lefty parents FLIP OUT!
  6. Start dating a polite, well-raised member of the opposite sex: Then get married early and raise a loving family. They'll be SO triggered!
  7. Never turn off the lights to prove you're not worried about climate change: "DAaaad! I'm not a climate denier! You're just brainwashed by the mainstream media!"
  8. Go to church: Just tell them you're going to a drag queen story hour and they'll never know.
  9. Be happy: Happy?? While the planet is dying and democracy is on the brink of collapse due to Donald Trump? Disgusting.
  10. Pray when they aren't looking: Just do it silently. God will still hear your earnest prayer for a hot conservative spouse to start a huge traditional family with!

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