10 Silver Linings Of Biden's Presidency
Politics · Apr 3, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

While the Biden administration has faced its share of challenges, it's not all bad! In tough times, let's try to look on the bright side, folks!

Here are 10 upsides we see in Biden's Presidency:

  1. The straight male patriarchy continues another 4 years: An over 200-year streak if you don't count James Buchanan!
  2. It's pretty funny watching him fall every time he tries to use stairs: Slapstick comedy at its best!
  3. People chant your name, providing a warm feeling of encouragement and affirmation: (Only applies to people named Brandon)
  4. He's not Hillary: Thank God for small mercies.
  5. A finished border wall would have marred the lovely view across the Rio Grande: We must preserve our landmarks.
  6. No large crowds when the President comes to town: Who wants all that pesky traffic?
  7. You can rest assured that the current president will never be indicted for his crimes: Peace of mind!
  8. He's not Kamala: (shudder)
  9. No more distressing media coverage of immigrant kids in cages: They're still in there, but at least we don't have to think about it all the time.
  10. The confidence boost you feel knowing that no matter how badly you mess up you're still more competent than the President of the United States: Hey, you're not doin' too bad, kid!

Wow! Maybe it's not so bad after all! Share your silver linings of living under this Presidential administration in the comments!

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