Women's Group Successfully Casts Out Demon Using Barrage Of Essential Oils
Christian Living · Feb 14, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

LAKELAND, TN - A women's life group meeting at Higher Ground Community Church Sunday managed to successfully cast out a demon possessing a church member using a carefully concocted blend of essential oils products, sources were able to confirm Tuesday.

According to witnesses, as the apparent victim of the demonic possession suddenly began to writhe on the ground and foam at the mouth, several of the group's leaders sprang into action, producing a large case packed with hundreds of small bottles of various organic oils and extracts.

"We saw one of our sisters in need, and we acted," life group member Staci Brayford told reporters. "We first tried a blend of tea tree, lavender, and juniper berry, but that proved ineffective. But then it hit me: eucalyptus! And that did the trick."

"It's a good thing I decided to bring my larger travel case with me today. If we didn't have the eucalyptus with us, she might not have made it," Brayford added.

Having blended the selected spices and oils into a coconut-based carrier oil, the ladies restrained the victim and allowed her to breathe in the powerful healing properties of the substance. Within moments, witnesses claim she had ceased convulsing, sat upright, and asked what time the potluck was to begin.

"The Lord worked a miracle in there today, through my hundreds of dollars of Young Living products," Brayford said later.

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