Wife Spends First 30 Minutes Of New Show Googling Where She Knows The Actors From
Family · Jan 19, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

BOZEMAN, MT — This week, local man Jeff Jefferson lost an estimated 30 minutes of his wife's attention while showing her a new TV program after she became distracted with each new character introduction and began furiously Googling them to remember where she had seen them before, on other shows or films.

"Honey, tune in real quick – this establishing shot shows a familiar-looking actor's face, but it's also foreshadowing where the show will go." Jefferson tugged his wife's arm, sources confirm, but she stayed engrossed in Sterling K. Brown's IMDB page until well after his character stormed off the scene.

Additional reporting has indicated that volume adjustments, subtitle enlargement, and several requests for explanation drowned out the subsequent parts of the show not consumed with Googling, as well as several requests for clarification about who the characters were, why the characters who were together before were no longer together, and why everyone was yelling.

At publishing time, Jefferson's wife looked up from her phone to mine the credits for baby names.

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