Waitress Pays Rent With Million-Dollar Gospel Tract
Christian Living · Jul 26, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Stating she was overjoyed to have received the unexpected gift, local waitress Rachel Palmer was left a single million-dollar bill gospel tract after serving a family at the diner where she works for over 90 minutes, after which she realized she'd be able to afford rent this month using the counterfeit bill.

An emotional Palmer further stated she'd be giving whatever was left over from paying her rent to charity.

"I just can't believe it - I was behind on my bills, too," Palmer said. "You read about waitstaff getting unexpectedly large tips sometimes, but I never imagined anything like this would happen to me."

"I didn't even know a million-dollar bill existed, or that they had religious stuff all over the back of them," she said as she proudly held up the million-dollar gospel tract for reporters to see.

At publishing time, other waiters and waitresses had reported receiving similar generous tips this week, including trillion-dollar gospel tracts and Bible verses scribbled down next to Christian fish symbols.

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