Uber Introduces UberAir For Megachurch Pastors Who Can't Afford Their Own Luxury Jets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In an effort to expand their mission to make transportation increasingly accessible, Uber announced the launch of their new service, UberAir. Following Uber’s gig-based business model, UberAir will focus on making expensive private jets available on a pay-per-use basis to wealthy megachurch pastors.

With several televangelists like Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis gaining media attention for their $60 million luxury jets, many other megachurch pastors have been feeling left in the dust. Uber aims to address this much-neglected customer base by creating a system wherein spiritual giants like Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyer would be able to rent out their high-end aircraft to the less-fortunate clergy.

This comes as wonderful news to Pete Farley, the head pastor of Richlife Christian Church in Charlottesville, NC, which attracts barely 30,000 weekly attendees. “With my modest $1.2 million net worth, I’ve had to make do with my personal yacht, Lamborghini, 50,000 square foot home, and --ugh-- business class seats on various public airlines. Being able to borrow Benny Hinn’s private jet for a reasonable premium will revolutionize my vacat-- I mean, veracity ...for spreading the gospel!”

Shortly after hearing that Uber would be making luxury jets more accessible to other megachurch pastors, Kenneth Copeland purchased a $200 billion space shuttle that he called “crucial” to his ministry.

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