Trump Quickly Blames Market Plunge On Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a flurry afternoon tweets, President Donald Trump blamed previous president Barack Obama for the stunning 1175-point drop suffered by the Dow Monday, in a sudden about-face from his normal position of taking credit for the positive stock market action experienced in the first year of his presidency.

As soon as the market closed, Trump took to Twitter to blast President Obama, who hasn’t been in office for over a year.

“Can’t believe Obama ‘tanked’ the Dow yet again! Sad!” Trump tweeted. “Dems are bad on business, bad for our economy. Not good!”

The President went on to claim that Obama’s “weak” and “very bad” policies had led to the market downturn, but promised that he would make it “truly great again” once he’s allowed to “get all of O’s fingerprints off our economy” in the coming years.

“It may take a while – but will prevail! Just remember, market bad = Obama and dems…Market good = TRUMP! #MAGA” he added.

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