Trump Preps For Convention Speech By Watching Drone Strike Footage On YouTube

CLEVELAND, OH—To harness inspiration and “get his mind in the right place” for his much-anticipated speech which will close out the 2016 Republican National Convention, Donald Trump spent much of the afternoon Thursday watching drone strike videos on his phone’s YouTube app, according to sources.

“Watch this—Willie, look at this—see these little guys right here, by the road?” he reportedly said to Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, summoning him over to watch a video titled “Predator Drone Missile Strike REAL FOOTAGE.” “Get ready Willie—get ready—get ready—BOOM! HAHA! Got ’em!”

Asking Robertson to watch another video with him as well, in which a drone demolishes a large building with missile fire, he explained how the videos motivate him in his race toward the White House.

“I cannot wait to get my hands on the remote control for these beauties, let me tell you,” he said, audibly inhaling with his lower jaw jutting out, adding that he would gladly let the Robertsons borrow a few drones “for hunting or whatever” once he is President.

“You can just send ’em anywhere you want, anywhere in the world, and hit ‘fire,’ and boom—it just destroys and kills everything,” he is said to have exclaimed in a loud whisper, traces of tears forming in his eyes. “Now that is power—tremendous power. I am so excited to be the President.”

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