‘This Is An Oldie, But A Goodie’ Says Worship Leader About Song From 2021
Church · Jul 16, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

PORTLAND, OR — Worship leader Paul "Seven-String" Johnson recently introduced a worship song that came out in 2021 as a "classic hymn," according to sources at Grace Explosion Church.

"Let's all join together in this ancient song of old," said Johnson. "Once in a while, it's good to dust off a hymn from the fathers of the faith."

Johnson said he was inspired to try out a classic after realizing he had played the same five songs 23 weeks in a row. "It's kind of hard to follow the outdated language from circa 2021, but I think it's worth exploring the rich history of our faith from time to time," said Johnson. "I think it will really speak to the gray-haired people out there. To be clear, we don't have any gray-haired people in our congregation — but maybe this song will change that."

For the special occasion, Johnson also dusted off an archaic instrument known as a "piano" to accompany the hymn. "I think it's pronounced 'PEE-YA-NO,'" he told the congregation as it was unveiled. "It's a way to connect to the past. We'll still add a little reverb on the speakers so it's not too weird."

At publishing time, the congregation had reportedly labeled the old song as "mid", whatever that means.

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