Study: Top Reason Millennials Leave The Church Is Terrible Font Choices
Church · Nov 20, 2019 ·

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U.S. - A new Pew Research Center study found that the main reason millennials are abandoning the church in droves is because of terrible font choices.

The study surveyed thousands of millennials who have left the faith all across the country. While a few left because the church wasn't adequately addressing their questions or confronting the culture's challenges to Christianity head-on, over 92% said they left because of the cringe-inducing fonts churches use on their bulletins, signs, PowerPoint presentations, and websites.

"When millennials see Comic Sans used next to Papyrus and a bunch of random gradients and drop shadows, they realize the church has nothing to offer them," said Dr. Gary Wendersmith, head of the survey. "They begin to question everything, and their faith unravels." In fact, Wendersmith says the use of Comic Sans is one of the top reasons people become atheists.

"Millennials are asking, 'How can God be both all-good and all-powerful if He would allow a font like Papyrus to even exist?" he continued. "And the church just continues to design fliers, slides, and signs as though it were still 1990."

"I mean, can we at least get rid of the freakin' Papyrus, for the love of all that is good!?"

Concerned churches all around the country responded to the findings, saying they will address millennials' concerns by adding more drop shadows and rainbow fonts.

For many churches, the struggle is real: bulletins that use every font known to man. Signs that look like they were designed in Microsoft Paint. Typos, misspellings, and random quotation marks in every sentence. Oh, and gradients. Gradients everywhere. For more great church graphic design humor that will help you laugh through the tears, check out Jimmy Fontastic on Facebook here or by clicking Jimmy's beautiful mug below: 


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