Steve Carell Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award For Outstanding Work In Reaction GIFs
Entertainment · Jan 7, 2019 ·

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - At the Golden Globes award ceremony Sunday evening, actor Steve Carell accepted the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award For Outstanding Work in Reaction GIFs.

Carell was recognized for his timeless contributions to the nation's repertoire of reaction GIFs, moving images expressing every emotion from unbridled outrage to quiet existential dread.

"I just want to thank everyone who made this possible," a teary-eyed Carell said as he accepted the award. "I know there were many fine people who were just as deserving - John Krasinski, Steve Harvey, Nicolas Cage - so it's a real honor to have been selected."

He also clarified that while he doesn't have a need to be liked, he does have a need to be praised.

"Let me just finish by posing a question to all of you: 'Why are you the way that you are?'" he said in a reference to one of his most famous GIF works, Why Are You The Way That You Are? (2006), drawing cheers from the crowd.


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