Shai Linne Releases 97-Minute Sequel To 'Fal$e Teacher$'

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Christian hip-hop artist Shai Linne announced a sequel to his 2013 hit track “Fal$e Teacher$”—which raised eyebrows in the Christian community for its frank calling out of those peddling a false gospel—and the new track weighs in at an astounding 97 minutes in length.

A visibly exhausted Linne celebrated the completion of “$till Fal$e” Thursday, which updates his original list with an ever-increasing number of false teachers and pastors.

“Man, I just can’t keep up,” Linne told reporters, wearily dropping into a chair outside the recording studio. “We were in there six straight weeks without a break. Every time I thought we were on pace, someone would link to something off TBN’s Facebook, or I’d make the mistake of reading Twitter or turning on the TV, and we’d have to insert another dozen names. During the week of AzuzaNow alone, I didn’t sleep for 100 straight hours.”

While Linne was pretty sure the new track would be longer than its predecessor, he admits he had no idea what he was getting into. “It’s like every hour there’s a new heretical outbreak. I can’t keep up. I’m so tired, man.”

At publishing time, the rapper was back in the studio, hard at work on the lengthy follow-up to “$till Fal$e.”

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