Conspiracy Theorists Owned: Royal Family Releases Undoctored Picture Of Healthy Kate Middleton
World · Mar 20, 2024 ·

LONDON — The British royal family attempted to calm the growing conspiracy frenzy regarding the wellbeing and whereabouts of the Princess of Wales by releasing an official photograph of Kate Middleton but found itself embroiled in an embarrassing controversy after further inspection revealed it was actually a picture of Mr. Bean in a wig.

Curiosity had continued to increase over recent months due to Middleton's absence from the public eye, leading Buckingham Palace to offer up what it claimed to be a new photograph of the princess but was later determined to be beloved British comedian Mr. Bean.

"Oh, it's her! We finally get a look at — hey, wait just one minute!" said a BBC reporter when the news of the photograph broke. "That's not Her Royal Highness. That's bloody Mr. Bean, it is! What's that mischievous scamp up to now?"

After the jig was up, a palace spokesman acknowledged the photo was, in fact, a wig-wearing Bean. "Yes, it's true," said Chillingsworth Ruffington. "We seem to have misplaced the Princess of Wales for the moment, and we attempted to pass off this photograph of Mr. Bean as an admittedly poor substitution. Our sincerest apologies for the dust-up. Ms. Middleton is in decidedly wonderful condition but is entirely indisposed at the moment. Good day to you. Say, is that Harry Styles over there?"

Ruffington then abruptly ended the press conference and sprinted away from reporters.

At publishing time, the royal family had released yet another photograph it claimed to be of Middleton that was later discovered to be Elton John wearing a tiara.

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