Roku Unveils Even Tinier Remote
Tech · Oct 28, 2022 ·

SAN JOSE, CA — Roku has become a popular software platform, with more and more smart TVs incorporating its streaming services. But the Silicon Valley tech company recently recognized a major problem: only 62% of users reported losing a Roku remote immediately after setting it down on the couch or bed. To increase these "rookie numbers," engineers began researching ways to make their remotes even more impossible to find.

Enter the Roku Remote Nano: the new, even smaller remote that you'll be guaranteed to never find again the second you put it on your blanket or next to a throw pillow on your couch.

"Based on our initial field tests, over 97% of our customers instantly lost this remote as soon as they set it down - a massive improvement over our current remote," said Roku spokesperson Xander Hepburn. "This is a big win for us. We were worried that thousands of Roku users were being left out from the signature Roku experience of settling in for a show and reaching to turn subtitles on a minute later and never being able to find the remote again."

As an added bonus, when you throw your bedspread up to find the remote, you won't be endangering any birds or airplanes when the remote goes rocketing into stratospheric orbit, according to the company.

The new Nano model comes by itself or in a 24-pack for quick replacement.

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