After Reading 'Radical,' Homeless Man Convicted About Size Of Cardboard Box Home
Christian Living · Sep 26, 2016 ·

POMONA, CA - Local homeless man Buzz reported Monday his great sorrow leading to repentance over the size of his makeshift home fashioned out of cardboard boxes, after he found a discarded copy of David Platt's bestselling book Radical in a nearby gutter and devoured it in an afternoon.

"I can't believe I fell so hard for the so-called American dream," Buzz was overheard telling an acquaintance as they loitered near a Jack In The Box restaurant. "I was comfortable just being an ordinary guy who believed in Jesus, while the rest of the world really suffered for Christ."

"How could I be so blind before?" Buzz continued as he shook his head in evident dismay.

Upon completing the book, Buzz immediately took action, selling his cardboard box home and downgrading to a much more practical, bare-bones residence under a busy freeway overpass. While others may think the homeless man's actions are radical, for Buzz, it's all just part of being sold out for Jesus twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

At publishing time, Buzz had made several snide remarks to his friends about their luxurious homes cobbled together out of spare shopping carts and raincoats, commenting that their accommodations sure didn't look like a "wartime lifestyle" to him.

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