Pouting LeBron James Unplugs Sega Genesis While Losing Game Of NBA Jam
Entertainment · Jun 3, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - A pouting, teary-eyed LeBron James reportedly unplugged the team's Sega Genesis after falling behind in a game of NBA Jam last week.

The incident occurred after Kyle Kuzma dunked on him yet another time, his player flying through the air while holding a flaming basketball. "HE'S ON FIRE!" shouted the announcer, prompting James's whiny outburst.

"It's not fair! I got the bad controller! I'm telling!" James shouted, fighting back tears. "You guys never let me be first player! Mom said you guys have to let me win and play fair and stuff. And it's my Sega. I'm taking it home so no one can play!"

James then chucked his controller into the TV, stormed over, and unplugged the system. "If you guys aren't gonna play fair and I can't win every time, you can't play either!" 

The outburst seemed sudden to onlookers, but other team members participating in the relaxing game of NBA Jam stated that the star NBA player had reportedly already been frustrated for a while since he couldn't find the flop button and the refs never called fouls in his favor.

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