PolitiFact Issues Blanket 'Pants On Fire' Rating For Any Future Statements Made By Donald Trump
Politics ยท May 22, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a move to both operate more efficiently and be more upfront about its writers' biases, fact check site PolitiFact announced Tuesday it would be issuing a blanket "Pants on Fire" rating for anything Donald Trump says going forward.

Anytime Trump says anything, no matter how obviously true or inconsequential, PolitiFact will automatically post links to its blanket Trump fact-check, which rates everything that comes out of his mouth as "Pants on Fire," the site's lowest possible truth rating.

"If Trump says he's proud to be an American, or that he's been hard at work, or that his first name is Donald, we'll just point people toward our blanket 'Pants on Fire' rating," a spokesperson for the site said Tuesday. "We'll save a lot of time, since we pretty much rate anything he says as false anyway."

"Think of all the hours we can spend fact-checking other Republicans and conservatives with our newfound free time," the spokesperson added.

At publishing time, Trump had declared the move to be "unfair and obviously biased," prompting the site to immediately point social media followers to its blanket Trump fact-check to indicate his opinion was clearly a blatant lie.


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