Pelosi Calls For Capitol To Increase Presence Of Social Workers
Politics · Jan 8, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Nancy Pelosi has called on the Capitol Building to increase the number of social workers in the wake of the occupation of the building by Trump supporters.

The social workers will be sensitive to the needs, hurts, and social pressures of any occupiers, allowing them to defuse the situation should more deranged lunatics try to get into Congress.

"To prevent this from happening again, we must have a team of social workers at every entrance," said Nancy Pelosi. "Then, when Trump supporters try to enter, the social workers can reason with them, asking them about any past trauma or hurts that may be causing their deep-seated psychological issues."

In order to pay for the increased presence of social workers, Pelosi suggested defunding the Capitol Police.


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