Pastors Weigh In: Is It OK To Raise Your Hands During Worship?
Buzzing · Aug 23, 2018 ·

In our "Pastors Weigh In" column, we ask a wide range of prominent pastors important questions regarding theology and Christian living. Today, our panel of pastoral consultants weighs in on this question:

"Is it OK to raise your hands during worship at church?"

John Piper: I want to answer both the question and the five sub-questions regarding the character of God I detect underneath the question. In addition, there are seven relevant biblical principles and three sub-applications we can glean from them that can help us inform our position on something so weighty and inextricably tied to our soul-satisfied feasting on the glory of God. [Edited for time]

Tim Keller: You can pick up one of my fourteen books on the subject from my online store.

John MacArthur: No.

Joel Osteen: What is a worship?

Andy Stanley: If that gets you in the door, sure - I'm okay with literally anything if you'll just pray the sinner's prayer already. Repeat after me…

Phil Johnson: What did MacArthur say? Whatever he said, I'm sure that's the right answer.

Steven Furtick: First off, it's Pastor Steven Furtick to you. Second, only haters don't raise their hands during worship. Are you a hater? Get bent, bro. I CAN BENCH PRESS MY PULPIT 450 TIMES.

Paul Washer: Apart from Christ, you are going to hell.

Rick Warren: Yes. Raising hands in worship is a great way to lose 10-15 pounds in a God-honoring way. I've also turned "worship" into a handy acronym: WORSHIP: Wonder, Opportunity, Respect, Salvation, Helping, Intuition, and Praise.

Creflo Dollar: If the hand is filled with money and you're closing your eyes tightly, yes, please lift up that cash, and one of our ushers will come by shortly.

For more commentary on the latest issues from all of Christianity's heavy hitters, stay tuned to our Pastors Weigh In column.

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