Non-Southerner Who Says 'Y'all' Accused Of Cultural Appropriation
Worldviews · Sep 30, 2020 ·

MOBILE, AL - A California man who was visiting some friends in Alabama shocked the group when he committed blatant cultural appropriation, saying the word "y'all" even though he was born and raised in Los Angeles.

"Listen up -- that ain't cool," said his buddy, Cletus Miller, after the group had recovered from hearing the offensively appropriated word. "Our culture ain't yours to appropriate as you see fit, partner."

The man apologized, not realizing he had so deeply harmed Southern culture with his casual use of the term. "I just needed to refer to people in the second person plural form, and there's not really any good way of doing that. There's 'you guys' but that's pretty clumsy. Anyway, it won't happen again."

At publishing times, Cletus had to apologize to his Californian friend after using the word "dude."


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