Stormtrooper Accidentally Discharges 238 Live Laser Rounds On 'Mandalorian' Set, No One Hurt
Entertainment ยท Oct 28, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA - The film crew of The Mandalorian nearly had a catastrophe earlier this week as a stormtrooper accidentally discharged 238 live laser rounds on the set.

Luckily, the stormtrooper missed everyone and everything.

"I just remember lasers going everywhere and ducking behind the snack table," said assistant director Pete Vickersburger shortly after the event. "Thankfully Lucas the stormtrooper missed the crew, actors, snack table, cameras, props, snack cart, filming tent, snack delivery guy, and the floor."

Other crew members looked distressed, but those willing to be interviewed attributed the stress to another issue that has impeded filming of next season: that the stormtroopers also seem to miss even when they're supposed to hit targets.

"Earlier that day several of us had walked off the set to protest the fact that the stormtroopers could not hit anything even when they were supposed to. We've wasted three weeks just trying to film this one shootout," said the crew member in charge of guarding the snack table.

When the stormtroopers eventually hit their target during filming, everyone celebrated and gave each other high fives except the stormtroopers, who missed.

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