New VidAtheist Filtering Service Adds More Sex, Violence, Cussing To Your Movies
Entertainment · Aug 20, 2020 ·

PALO ALTO, CA - After seeing the success of VidAngel, the streaming service that instantly turns every secular movie into a Christian movie by bleeping out the bad stuff, entrepreneurs are releasing a new service for those who aren't fans of clean entertainment. Called VidAtheist, this new service will spice up your movies and TV shows by adding in more cuss words, nudity, and gratuitous violence. It will also bleep out any mentions of God or religion.

"We realized there was an entire population of consumers who want even more depravity in their entertainment," said Ace Chamfers, CEO of VidAtheist. "Besides, VidAngel had all these extra cuss-words and gory clips laying around in storage after removing them from other movies, so we bought them in bulk and put them to good use. Thus began VidAtheist!" 

Viewers will now be able to see a reversed version of God's Not Dead where the professor converts the main character to atheism, with additional swearing and gore added in. They will also be treated to a never before seen cut of Fireproof where Kirk Cameron actually kisses an actress on screen. There will even be a cut of The Phantom Menace where Jar Jar gets brutally murdered in every scene. According to sources within the company, VeggieTales characters will all wear fedoras and episodes will feature an average of 103 cuss words per episode. 

Unfortunately, VidAtheist is facing setbacks after one beta tester tried to watch The Wolf of Wall Street on its service. Five minutes into the film, the service crashed, a power grid went down, and two server farms on the West Coast burst into flames.

"We're still working on it," said Chamfers. 

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