New Keyboard For Internet Warriors Comes With Built-In 'Well, Akshully' Key
Tech · Jun 5, 2019 ·

U.S. - A new keyboard designed exclusively for fierce internet warriors comes with a built-in "Well, Akshully" key. The key helps you start your arguments on the internet with ease.

The keyboard is being released by startup company TrollGear. The company claims there is high demand for this product.

"Are you tired of typing your catchphrase every time you want to be pedantic and correct someone's tweet or Facebook post? Then this keyboard is for you," a TrollGear representative said.

"Picture this: you're a troll and you're sitting there arguing on the internet. You've got your Mountain Dew and your Cheetos. Who has the energy to type things like 'Well, actually...' or 'Ehhhhh, this isn't entirely accurate...' every single time you pick a fight on the internet? Doggonit, you've got Cheetos to eat. It's tiring work! Now, your 'Well, Akshully' catchphrase is already typed for you. Now you'll have a lot more energy to focus on lifting those Cheetos to your mouth. Mmmm, Cheetos."

The company offers lots of options for phrases so you can customize your preset argumentative phrase. They're also offering free consultation to help you create a super-smug self-portrait for your profile picture.


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