Nation Unsure How Trump Ever Going To Stop Negative News Coverage Of Meeting With Put—BREAKING: Trump Just Said Something Crazy On Twitter
Politics · Jul 17, 2018

U.S. - The nation expressed Tuesday that it was unsure how Trump was ever going to stop the bad press of his highly criticized meeting with Vladimir Putin, labeling the faux pas a "black mark" that he would never quite get over.

The meeting was called a "low point" of his presidency, as Trump appeared to side with a murderous foreign leader over American intelligence sources, and media pundits on both sides of the aisle took the president to task for his remarks. Commentators suggested there was "no way" Trump was ever going to overcome all the negative publicity from the meeting, and that the press would continue to eviscerate him for weeks or even months to co -

BREAKING: Trump just said something absolutely insane on Twitter, and the news media has shifted from talking about the "treasonous, possibly presidency-ending" summit with Putin to dissecting, analyzing, and "totally freaking out" about the ultimately inconsequential tweet for the next 24 hours, or until Trump tweets something else equally outrageous, whichever comes first. The tweet was totally deranged and worthy of ridicule and derision, and nobody can figure out why Trump could possibly have thought posting it was a good idea.

What were we talking about again?


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