Facebook Event Proposes Storming Space Force Base To Obtain Trump's Death Star Plans

U.S.—A new Facebook event proposes storming a U.S. Space Force base in Florida and stealing the official plans to the United States military's Death Star, which is currently under construction by the executive order of Donald Trump.

The event is named "Let's storm the U.S. Space Force base and steal the Death Star plans---they can't stop all of us." Over 1.5 million have agreed to participate in the event, though it's unclear how many are actually interested and how many are just signed up for the event for the memes (experts believe the majority of stuff done by millennials and Gen Zers is just for the memes).

Event organizers say that as long as people run toward the base with their arms flying out behind them and "use the Force" they'll be fine. 

"Remember, Space Force stormtroopers can't hit anything---except the treads on a Sandcrawler. They're really precise when they're shooting those, for some reason," posted one admin of the event. "Just run straight toward 'em." Members also suggested that the Space Force troops can't possibly stop everyone, and that while a few brave people will die, the majority will be able to make it in and take away Trump's Death Star plans.

The U.S. Space Force sternly warned that "many Bothans will die" should the group proceed with their plan.

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