Mom Rushes Over To Treat Son's Broken Leg With Peppermint Oil
Christian Living · Mar 14, 2019 ·

FAIRFAX, VA - Local mother Grace Paulson took her boy, Braxton, to the park to ride his bike Thursday morning. But a few minutes into their excursion, the boy fell off his bike and landed hard, breaking his leg.

Luckily for Braxton, Paulson was ready with her essential oil utility belt, and the hero jumped into action. The mother put down her iPhone, reached for her trusty peppermint oil, and dashed the 30 feet to her son in order to treat him with her advanced essential oil techniques.

"It's OK baby, Mommy's here," Paulson said soothingly. "Oh, wow, it looks like your leg is broken, but I've got just the thing for that: authentic, organic peppermint oil. It's all natural and a much more effective treatment than expensive surgery, metal screws, or a cast."

Paulson then whipped out her portable essential oil diffuser and had the screaming, crying boy breathe it in for a few minutes.

"I bet you're really glad you don't have a mom who buys into the lies of traditional medicine!" she said, beaming, as Braxton passed out from the pain, his bone still protruding from his skin.


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