Miracle: Every Marshmallow Raptured From Family's Lucky Charms Box
Health · Jun 12, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

YORBA LINDA, CA - In an incredible miracle, every marshmallow was raptured from the Family Size Lucky Charms cereal box at the Manning home.

The rapture of the marshmallows was noticed when family mom Jen Manning tried to pour a bowl of cereal and noticed it had been opened and every marshmallow had mysteriously vanished.

"The world was not worthy of these delicious, sugary marshmallows," said 6-year-old Lucas Manning. "I know not what happened to them -- just that they were here one minute and the next minute were not."

Family patriarch Paul Manning was also shocked and amazed by the miraculous rapture. "I guess heaven was in need of more angels," he said, demonstrating his lack of theological knowledge about what happens when you go to heaven. "If only I had been taken as well."

The neighboring Grape Nuts had been left behind.

After the marshmallows had been taken up into heaven, the regular grain cereal pieces were tossed into the fire for judgment.


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