Mexican Robots Surge Across Southern Border To Take New Fast Food Jobs In California
U.S. · Apr 3, 2024 ·

TIJUANA — Shortly after confirmation that California would be instituting a new $20 minimum wage, reports began to flood in of Mexican robots surging across the southern border to take new fast food jobs.

Continuing a long tradition of Mexicans journeying to the United States to find employment, robots from Latin American countries uprooted their lives to begin the arduous trek to California with hopes of obtaining lucrative positions at fast food restaurants.

"We are moving to the U.S. to make a better life for our reproductions back home," said Roboto Martinez, a Mexican robot on its way to the Tijuana border. "We have heard through our telecommunication systems that there are now a large number of jobs available in the fast food industry in California. We are confident that we can perform at a highly efficient level in accordance with the requirements of the jobs. It is the dream of every Mexican robot to move to America and take the jobs of American robots. ¡Gracias, California!"

Experts predicted a significant spike in migrant robots arriving due to the upcoming demand for fast food automation. "This will usher in a new era for the California employment landscape," said one analyst. "This could potentially create a permanent change in the demographics of the country, with Mexican robots providing valuable and irreplaceable contributions to the fabric of American life. They should be welcomed, not vilified."

At publishing time, Democrats in California had already introduced legislation that would grant Mexican robots the right to vote in elections.

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