Member Of Marginalized Group Searches Phone Book For Local Business To Be Oppressed By
Worldviews · Aug 21, 2018 ·

BOULDER CITY, AZ - It was another busy day for Hollie Garmon as a member of a vulnerable group who could theoretically be subject to discrimination by a local business.

"Being oppressed is much harder these days," Hollie explained as she opened a phone book. "Let's say you were an African American in the '60s; you'd face discrimination daily just going about your normal business. It's just not that easy anymore."

Instead, Hollie is forced to go through the Yellow Pages, calling business after business, trying to find someone who will oppress her. "Everyone knows about that one baker in Colorado," Hollie said, dialing her phone, "but he's too busy with lawsuits, so I have to find another oppressor, and it is hard work."

It's very difficult for her to find someone who won't do business with her at all, and instead Hollie has to come up with elaborate scenarios she's asking the business to participate in before the owner becomes hesitant. When they finally agree on a hypothetical situation in which Hollie will be oppressed, her next call is to her lawyers.

"It's an uphill battle to fight discrimination," Hollie stated as she circled a few more ads in the phone book. "Especially when you can't find it."

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