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Megachurch Introduces Frequent Tither Rewards Card

NASHVILLE, TN—In a bid to increase giving ahead of the organization’s upcoming $40 million sanctuary expansion, local megachurch LifeJourney Church announced Monday its new frequent tither rewards card, as part of a program designed to incentivize more regular giving to the church.

Churchgoers’ giving will be tracked on the reward card and points will be awarded based on the amount of money given. Points can be redeemed for rewards such as VIP parking access, free coffees in the church cafe, and discounts on “church merch” like T-shirts and coffee mugs.

The five highest givers in the church will reportedly receive a free shirt that says “I put my money where my mouth is at LifeJourney!” and will have part of a church service dedicated to recognizing and honoring them.

“We’re going to make giving relevant again,” lead vision pastor Craig Erickson told reporters. “Nobody wants to just give money out of a desire to see the gospel preached—what is this, 2005? Nope, our church members have made it clear they’ll only give if we make them feel special with trinkets, contests, giveaways, and good old-fashioned glory.”

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