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Matt Chandler Asks Drive-Thru Employee 42 Times If She's Tracking With Him

FLOWER MOUND, TX—While picking up dinner for the family Thursday, popular pastor and author Matt Chandler asked if the Chick-fil-A drive-thru employee was tracking with him over forty times as he detailed his order, sources confirmed.

“We’re gonna have three of the classic chicken sandwiches, are you tracking with me?” Chandler reportedly asked the teenage girl, who cheerily responded that she was indeed tracking with him.

“Great, we’ll also have two 12-piece nuggets with honey mustard, you tracking?”

Sources also claimed that Chandler was making wild hand gestures while talking to the drive-thru speaker, so as to emphasize the important details of his dinner order.

“I want you to track with me here,” Chandler said at long last, hands outstretched before bringing them together to drive home his final selection. “Finally—look right at me—let’s do three hand-spun milkshakes, all cookies and cream. Are we tracking?”

The Chick-fil-A employee then reportedly took a deep breath and recited every item of Chandler’s order back to him flawlessly, indicating that she had in fact tracked with him, before informing him that doing so was “her pleasure.”

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